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Making virtualization, reality

Cloud Concierge Lab

Rapidly provision as many virtual machines as you need without waiting for hardware, procurement, or internal processes. Connect from anywhere in the world to your virtual environment with confidence and security. Scale up, scale out, and generate load to deliver applications faster and easier.

Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Lab portfolio also includes a specific Test & Development Cloud Service to enable you to respond quickly to demands for transient or permanent environments to support developers and testers of your business applications.

Benefits of Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Lab solution:

  • Self service: Easily provision and manage users, configurations, templates, and assets through an easy-to-use self-service portal
  • Runtime applications remain unchanged: Easily import and export existing production images with no modifications
  • Snapshot and suspend: Rapidly create exact copies of complex configurations
  • Controlled access: Restrict access and passage rights on any project, person, or environment
  • Reporting and visibility: Easily capture users, usage, and actions with detailed audit trails

Developers building on-premises applications or migrating on-premises applications to the cloud will immediately see the above benefits.