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IT leaders recognize that a ‘disaster’ is any event that prevents a business from accessing its operational data and systems. That could encompass everything from regional power outages, to virus outbreaks, to employee sabotage, to external data fraud, to terrorist attacks.

If your critical servers go down today, how long will it take to get back online? When an outage occurs, do you have the resources to recover quickly? Unexpected disruptions can severely affect your operations, resulting in lost revenues and disgruntled customers. You need a proven and cost-effective cloud disaster recovery solution that get your business up and running in minutes at an affordable price.

Gibraltar and Amazon Web Services have partnered to offer a complete set of infrastructure and application services based in the cloud. Working closely with your team, we can replicate your on-premise servers (including OS, Apps, and Data) to the Amazon Cloud with minimum impact on your production servers and environment.

Benefits of Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Simple to install and operate: 5 minutes from start of installation to full coverage protection
  • One-click failover: Immediate and easy recovery process from downtime
  • Continuous, asynchronous replication: Avoid data loss typical of snapshots or backup solutions
  • Cross-region replication: Leverage AWS infrastructure & support around the world to build a global DR plan
  • Non-disruptive failover testing: Ensures your alternative application is always ready to go

At the touch of a button and within minutes, Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Disaster Recovery Services can create an exact copy of your entire server environment in an alternative location. Unlike snapshots or backup solutions, Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Disaster Recovery Services offer continuous replication in real time, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal data loss. Contact us today and protect your business from disasters in as little as 5 minutes.  

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