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Making virtualization, reality

Secured Desktop as a Service

AWS Consulting Services

Today’s employees are working around the clock and require secure access to files and applications from a variety of devices – tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. Can your overstretched IT department keep up? Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Secured Desktop as a Service (sDaaS) can help you meet these demands with flexibility and choice.

sDaaS offers you an easy way to provide a fully managed, cloud-based desktop experience to your end-users. You no longer have to worry about procuring hardware or installing complex software to deliver a desktop experience.

Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS integrates with your organization’s Active Directory so your end users can use their existing credentials to access corporate applications and resources.

In addition, Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS delivers a high quality desktop experience to your end users while helping maintain compliance and security policy requirements. When using Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS, your organization’s data isn’t stored on end user devices. Gibraltar can configure users’ workspaces to restrict desktop permissions, including a user’s ability to use local storage. >

Benefits of Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge Secured Desktop as a Service inlcude:

  • Reduce IT Costs: Significantly reduce operational costs and cut capital expenditures by eliminating on-site servers, desktops, laptops, software, and maintenance. Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS can also extend the life of your current workstation investments
  • Work Anywhere: Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS gives users secure, high-performance access to applications and data from any internet-connected device. This enhances productivity and allows employees to work from home or on the road
  • Highly Secured: Restricting access by device or network connectivity makes monitoring and controlling access to your corporate applications easier and more secure than ever before
  • Optimized End User Experience: Every user can have their own virtual desktop, personalized down to the smallest details like application shortcuts and custom wallpapers

With Gibraltar’s Cloud Concierge sDaaS, you gain access to the proven expertise of specialists that know how to run cloud-hosted desktops at scale. Offload the support and management of the underlying infrastructure and receive best in class SLAs, service, and support.