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Making virtualization, reality


Citrix ShareFile x Gibraltar Solutions

  On September 26, 2017, Citrix and Gibraltar Solutions held a seminar to introduce and explain the benefits of cloud sharing and Citrix ShareFile. They were joined by representatives from the Town of Milton who also provided a presentation to explain their experience using Citrix ShareFile and illustrate how it benefitted their specific case. The event had a variety of guests from different companies across various markets including engineering, healthcare, municipalities, education and small to Read more…


Answer These 3 Questions to Find Out if You’re Leveraging the Cloud Effectively in DR Planning

Most business leaders recognize the need to create a disaster recovery plan, but it rarely ever gets prioritized until it’s too late. With virtualization, DR planning has become much more feasible and affordable, allowing smaller and midmarket organizations the opportunity to have the same kinds of failsafe backup and recovery plans as their larger competitors. The growing trend towards utilizing cloud technologies in disaster recovery definitely has its advantages, but there are a number of Read more…


cloud adoption

From Testing and Dev to All-In: The Stages of Cloud Adoption

When it comes to cloud migration, enterprises often take baby steps, dipping their toes in the water a little at a time before taking the full plunge. Just what are those steps and who is leading the charge towards the cloud? Testing And Development: A Cloud No-Brainer The first wave of cloud migration is often development and testing, a function that eats up—and often underutilizes— plenty of server space. Application and database servers may use Read more…


SimpliVity: Simplicity and Accessibility in a Single Box

SimpliVity, a small startup firm, has made quite a name for itself in the world of hyperconverged technology. Hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system that integrates servers, networking, and storage in a single box. This eliminates the space, massive hardware, and personnel required to manage traditional in-house data centers. A Web Scale Architecture for Infrastructure SimpliVity uses web-scale architecture to take a cloud approach to business. Enterprises buy their own box that handles servers, Read more…



The Evolution of Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system that integrates servers, networking, and storage in a single box, supported by a single vendor. Hyperconverged systems are managed as a single system and have evolved rapidly, with each iteration further simplifying operations and reducing costs.Traditional Systems: The Dinosaur of Server Infrastructure Traditional infrastructure setups required expensive hardware, and lots of it. The amount of manual involvement was also immense. The servers had to be managed by server Read more…