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Making virtualization, reality


Maintaining Data Security in a Mobile Age

When thinking about security for a mobile device, it’s best to think of your device as a home. If you have one lock on the front door of your home, you have some security. But if you have two or three locks, you’ve decreased your chance of a break-in dramatically.In today’s information age, where data is increasingly being sent through mobile devices, security is more important than ever before. And as more companies begin to Read more…


Your Staff’s Mobile Devices Don’t Have to be a Security Nightmare

An Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution is necessary for many large businesses that are operating on Bring-Your-Own Device plans and have concerns over application, device and data management. An EMM plan is ultimately about giving the user access to work applications and email anytime, anywhere, from any device, without compromising security. The components of a good EMM plan often include a security plan that ensures data is encrypted and an application management plan, which includes Read more…


Why a Unified App Store is Key to Application Management

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of apps out there? You have good reason to admit, yes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available to tablet or smartphone users. This is why it’s important to have a good Application Management plan in place –especially if you represent a company whose employees are on a Bring Your Own Device plan.Application Management is about narrowing down the amount of available apps to a Read more…


How to Access Your Data Conveniently Without Sacrificing Security

Dropbox, which grants users access to stored data and software applications regardless of location or device, can be a handy tool for professionals. Using Dropbox enables people to alter or withdraw data from a company network, allowing them to access it from home, or on vacation. The convenience of this feature is outstanding. But, using Dropbox or any equivalent program in the corporate setting poses security risks. Dropbox has the capacity to expose sensitive corporate Read more…