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Making virtualization, reality


Context Awareness and Information Security: This Message Will Self Destruct

Data security is one of the biggest concerns of CIOs. Sensitive information is under constant threat of attack from hackers, governments, competitors, and even an organization’s own employees. Every layer of security that can be added without taking away from functionality is crucial in the constant fight to keep data secure while maintaining a mobile workforce. In virtual environments, workspace management helps fortify critical data while offering users advanced functionality, creating a win-win for both Read more…


Workspace Management: Improving Data and Compliance through Predictive Analysis

Workspace management is a powerful tool to provide users with seamless and secure access to their applications and data from any endpoint device. It provides a consistent experience in a virtual workspace that connects desktops, mobile devices, and information. However, workspace management is about more than just users. It can also be used to conduct valuable predictive analyses to help organizations become more efficient, secure, and compliant.Predictive Analytics: Modeling ChangeWe often think of predictive analysis Read more…


Can Workspace Management Really Deliver Improved UE and Satisfy the Concerns of IT?

Where User Profile Management (UPM) is the first step toward improving user experience with virtualization, workspace management is the next step in creating a truly consistent user experience that improves productivity.The main goal of workspace management technology is to take physical desktops and laptops and move them into virtual-based platforms. Workspace management gives users access to every mission-critical application they need independent of their physical desktop and provides an optimal experience on any platform. With Read more…


User Profile Management: The Key To Virtualization Success

Virtualization is all about providing users with a consistent work experience, no matter where they are. It helps increase employees’ comfort level with applications and improves productivity. When it comes to deploying virtualization, User Profile Management (UPM) increases employee buy-in and improves overall user satisfaction.How Does UPM Improve User Experience? User Profile Management ensures that a single “profile” will follow that user to any endpoint device he or she uses. When the user logs in, Read more…


Overcoming Uncertainty: 3 Ways To Bridge the Gap With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is created to be simple, inclusive and adaptable to any enterprise. And while it’s true that most professionals can learn, over time, to work with AWS, tackling system set up and management alone is not the easiest, or most cost-effective, option for a business. The employees tasked with managing AWS might be plagued by uncertainty, skepticism and doubt that a flat, cloud environment will suffice. (Of course it will! See Netflix and Read more…