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Making virtualization, reality


Bring-Your-Own-Desktop: How DaaS Provides Support For The Mobile Workforce

Office work is no longer tied to the office. It’s not just field workers and remote employees who need access to data 24/7. In most modern workplaces, all users should be able to access applications, data, and services when they are away from their desks. Desktops as a Service (DaaS) has emerged as a means to deliver a consistent user experience, no matter what the device, format, or brand the user deploys. VPNs and cloud software Read more…


Onboarding, Merging, and Disaster Recovery: How DaaS Gives The Power of Desktops on Demand

Business can change in the blink of an eye. But responding to change can take much longer. Getting a new wave of employees access to company operating systems, managing a merger, or recovering from a data disaster might take months. That’s an eternity by modern standards.DaaS is reducing the downtime for innovative companies and facilitating lightning-fast responsiveness from IT. DaaS helps offers solutions such as:Minimized cost of onboarding seasonal or temporary workersFast and effective employees Read more…


SRA: Securing Access From Non-Corporate Devices

If the CEO of a corporation gets a new tablet or smartphone, chances are one of the first things they will do is head over to IT and ask the department to get the new device onto the company network. The ability to access a corporate network via a personal device is a luxury that affords the user many desirable conveniences, and is something most IT units are capable of providing. The question, however, should Read more…


Top 3 Best Tips to Properly Secure a Virtual Desktop System

Anyone who values security knows the importance of installing anti-virus software and proper encryption programs. But while it makes perfect sense to install these things directly onto a personal computer, the approach to protecting a virtualization network is much different. A virtual desktop is not like any other desktop and shouldn’t be treated as such. Here are a few topics to consider to ensure your virtualization network operates in a safe and efficient manner.1) Encryption: Read more…


What is Secure Remote Access and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Uninterrupted access to corporate applications and data is fast becoming a necessity in today’s business world. Many companies have embraced virtualization solutions in order to meet this increasing demand, shifting from centralized networks to expansive virtual environments that can be accessed from any location, using any device. Computing solutions, like clouds, and desktop and application virtualization, allow members of an organization to access a centralized network using login credentials. Once in, the employee can check Read more…