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Making virtualization, reality


An Added Layer of Security with Desktops as a Service to Protect Sensitive Data

Sensitive data breaches have been making headlines on a regular basis, and CIOs can lose sleep over the perils of keeping information secure. No organization wants to find itself the latest media – or legal – target for failing to protect sensitive customer information.Desktops as a service add an extra layer of security to internal systems that helps ease this strife. They help protect the edges of the network, where security is often lax. DaaS Read more…


Turn Capital Expenses into Operational Expenses with Desktops as a Service

In a traditional PC environment, companies rely on IT staff to manage their infrastructure of hardware, their operating systems and software upgrades, with multi-user dynamics in play. This high value workforce often spends their days caught up in a never-ending cycle of firefighting, rather than focused on strategically equipping the business for growth. Meanwhile, unpredictable hardware and infrastructure costs hold the department’s budget hostage, and limit the ability to pro-actively invest and grow.Moving from the Read more…


Is Your IT Department Spread too Thin? Don’t Hire More People, Streamline with DaaS

In a post-recession economy, organizations must do more with less. Nowhere is that pinch felt more deeply than the in-house IT department, where infrastructure costs of maintaining 24-hour access push against budget caps. As a result, spending on personnel is cut to maintain the proper systems and applications. However, a thinned-out IT team lacks the time and the energy to focus on core competencies when their time is spent keeping workstations up and running.Desktops as Read more…


The True ROI of VDI

What is VDI? Virtual Desktop Integration allows you to connect to your desktop from any device that you are using. A lot of corporate heads might dismiss VDI as a passing fad, a neat techno-gimmick young companies embrace for novelty more than efficiency. This is dead wrong. If you crunch your enterprise numbers, virtualization can produce tangible savings and ROI within your first year of implementation. The trick is to consider the big picture.


How to Choose the Right VDI Platform for Your Organization

Security, fluidity, scalability—all of these matter when choosing a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, but none matter as much as usability. When the goal of VDI is to make working life easier for employees across all devices and platforms, the most important factor has got to be end user experience. There are four dominant VDI platforms on the market, each with its own pros and cons. They all offer proven secure environments, single-console management and a Read more…