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Why Choose Amazon Web Services? 4 Things It Does That You Can’t

Why Choose Amazon

Want to know if moving your entire computer infrastructure to a cloud-based system like Amazon Web Services is a logical choice? You can run tools designed to analyze returns on investment, and discover whether moving to a cloud makes sense. These tools tell you exactly how much time and money you’ll save, taking into account the time taken to manage computers, cost of managing cooling and renting or owning physical space, and whether it’s realistic to change (or get rid of) your existing computing infrastructure in favour of something like Amazon Web Services.

But what those ROI tools can’t tell you are the unique benefits to using Amazon. The ones that you can’t measure in time or money, but in opportunities to lead a forward-thinking business and create a workplace atmosphere geared towards a digital future. Here are four less quantifiable but equally beneficial reasons to switch to Amazon Web Services.

  1. It’s a good time to instigate a “BYO device” workflow. Once your company has a cloud-based system, any device can log into that cloud. Amazon Web Services have templates specifically geared towards engaging any tablet or laptop, which increases employee comfort and efficiency, and cuts down on the cost and of buying, upgrading and maintaining company machines.
  2. It’s an ideal set-up for enterprise Dropbox and app store-style display. While you’re universalizing your workflow, you can take full advantage of cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox for a quick and easy centralized data system. It’s easier and faster than email, and bypasses attachment restrictions like time and file size. You can also control and simplify screens to conform apps and desktops to a uniform, icon-based display.
  3. It helps you fast-track to globalization. The Amazon Web Services cloud allows you to deploy your applications quickly and globally, in several regions across the world in just a few seconds. If any customers use your applications, this will speed up their customer experience by decreasing latency and ensuring stronger app maintenance.
  4. It extends your data services resources. Don’t worry—this isn’t just for IT professionals. Amazon Web Services offers a number of services beyond the scope of most companies’ resources, but which are broken down into simplified interfaces for non-programmers to understand. With these tools, an everyday company employee can handle high-performance computing and analyze big data, without having to call IT or resort to a third-party company to deliver the answers, and bypassing costly licensing and computer fees that formerly made these sorts of tasks impossible for mid-ranged companies.

The other advantage when you choose Amazon is that you’re putting your system in the hands of a global industry leader—Amazon Web Services is likely to keep evolving, adapting, and upgrading its interface and customer experience for each of its user companies. Once you hop on board, you’re part of a growing team that alleviates your IT worries and pays for itself with both quantitative and qualitative benefits.

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie has come a long way in the last 30 plus years, from engineering student at the University of New Brunswick to VP Strategic Initiatives & CSO at Gibraltar Solutions. Today, Trent is an important part of the Gibraltar team, as his expertise in security has allowed him to be involved in ethical hacking and building computer security assessments and new security practices. He has also developed solutions for mobile device integration into corporate IT, Bring Your Own Computer programs and Mac@Work programs.