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Mobile is the Future, and Here’s How to Manage It

By 2016, sales of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are expected to far exceed sales of personal computers. The shift of this consumer pattern will make it more necessary for those who work in information technology to understand Enterprise Mobile Management, also known as EMM.

EMM is about balancing the needs of individual users with the needs of their employers. While today’s businessperson wants to have access to work applications and email anytime, anywhere, from any device, there are security risks that come with unlimited access. A proper EMM plan will allow mobile device users the access they need, while still protecting sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

EMM is an emerging discipline that’s now being practised around the world. It has several dimensions including data security, application management and financial management.

Data Security
Mobile devices can easily be lost or stolen, so data on those devices is highly vulnerable. When sensitive business information is accessible on a mobile device, organizations lose control over who can access that data. Enterprise Mobility Management proposes systems to prevent unauthorized people to access the data.

Application Management
System administrators cannot expect to have the same access to mobile device clients as they would have to desktop devices that do not leave an office. This makes routine tasks such as deployment and configuration difficult. Enterprise Mobility Management often provides software to automate management tasks and prevent administrators from performing the same task numerous times.

Financial Management
Enterprise Mobile Management often includes expense management features that help businesses plan and control their mobile device fees. This is necessary, considering that the alternative is having employees bill their mobile expenses to their employers individually, making budgeting very onerous. While data security, application management and financial management are components of EMM, the practice is ultimately about empowering the modern business person and enabling them to utilize a mobile work style, as opposed to a traditional desktop work station.