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Your Staff’s Mobile Devices Don’t Have to be a Security Nightmare

An Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution is necessary for many large businesses that are operating on Bring-Your-Own Device plans and have concerns over application, device and data management. An EMM plan is ultimately about giving the user access to work applications and email anytime, anywhere, from any device, without compromising security. The components of a good EMM plan often include a security plan that ensures data is encrypted and an application management plan, which includes software for automated management tasks. In some cases, it may also include a financial management plan that helps businesses plan and control their billing fees.

However, some customers that have smaller and unique needs may be interested in Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. These solutions fall under the overall umbrella of EMM.

A Mobile Device Management solution is ideal for businesses concerned about security and control of data within their stock of mobile devices. An MDM plan ensures a company’s mobile devices are password protected, often with more than a single-sign on password. A good example of a business that would need an MDM plan is a courier company who has delivery drivers out and about constantly. Such a company would need a solution that ensures all their devices are secure if ever lost or stolen. Ultimately, an MDM plan focuses on controlling the devices, but not the applications inside.

A Mobile Application Management solution is ideal for companies whose employees are on Bring-Your-Own-Device plans. These companies need to ensure that employees do not accidentally take information from work applications and transfer them onto personal applications. This ensures that an employee can’t accidentally post company information on Twitter or Facebook – something that’s really easy to do in this day and age with mobile technology. A MAM solution makes this nearly impossible, as there’s really no communication between a user’s work-related and personal applications.

Companies that are unsure of which solution they require can, of course, speak to their solution provider to get some guidance over what option is best for them.