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Overcoming Uncertainty: 3 Ways To Bridge the Gap With Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is created to be simple, inclusive and adaptable to any enterprise. And while it’s true that most professionals can learn, over time, to work with AWS, tackling system set up and management alone is not the easiest, or most cost-effective, option for a business.

The employees tasked with managing AWS might be plagued by uncertainty, skepticism and doubt that a flat, cloud environment will suffice. (Of course it will! See Netflix and major Australian banks like National Australia and Suncorp, which are fully hosted on Amazon Web Services).

Even if they’re not – the most proficient IT employee can still learn to operate more effectively by partnering with an expert Managed Service Provider, who can always teach them something new.

Any enterprise struggling to work with Amazon’s language and systems should consider partnering with an AWS consultancy. Here are three ways this decision can make AWS implementation more effective and more efficient.

  1. Planning The Transition

    Transitioning to AWS is complicated. A professional MSP will start by creating a detailed plan with actionable deadlines and logistics based on the company’s unique needs and constraints.

    Once Amazon Web Services is set up, as opposed to internal cloud systems, an enterprise might have trouble communicating with Amazon at first because of confusion around how systems are meant to work. It requires a whole new method of looking at a computer system. If your staff doesn’t have time to tackle that learning curve, let a third party manage it instead.

    Amazon also rolls out new updates and software every month. It’s often not worthwhile for internal company workers to keep tabs on this industry news—but outside consultancies make it their business, so that your staff can stay focused on what’s most important.

  2. Ensuring Expenses Add Up

    A professional MSP can monitor usage and benchmark it against industry norms to ensure value. For instance, Gibraltar will contact clients monthly to bench and revisit such factors as:

    • The features the client is using.
    • If they’re subscribing to Amazon’s per-hour payment system, and paying for more than they need to be.
    • If large applications, like Adobe Photoshop, are using up memory by running idly.

    A vigilant MSP like Gibraltar will look for these, and other, common problems, and make sure savings are maximized and industry best practices are implemented.

  3. No Sacrifice On Safety

    When considering Amazon Web Services, many business’ main concerns are security and deployment. When implemented and managed properly, a system hosted on Amazon is as safe as any bricks-and-mortar system. A third party takes the weight of security off your shoulders.

    It’s their job to consider and mitigate risks; for example, in multi-tenant environment, ensuring that your neighbours don’t accidentally cause any problems on your cloud.

    It’s not difficult to do—but it does require experience, time, and knowledge of Amazon’s unique technical terminology.

Most of all, what a professional Amazon MSP offers is that extra momentum to get you into the Cloud. Amazon is definitely not going anywhere— most companies that embark on the journey to Amazon find it difficult to navigate. They may have a desire to move their storage to the cloud or launch a cloud based desktop virtualization, many will not finish the journey because they the road signs in Amazon confusing and hard to understand. Get in touch with an expert and let them help. So if it seems like a feat too difficult to tackle on your own, reach out and get help; there are experts who can make the transition and ongoing relationship with Amazon worry-free.

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie has come a long way in the last 30 plus years, from engineering student at the University of New Brunswick to VP Strategic Initiatives & CSO at Gibraltar Solutions. Today, Trent is an important part of the Gibraltar team, as his expertise in security has allowed him to be involved in ethical hacking and building computer security assessments and new security practices. He has also developed solutions for mobile device integration into corporate IT, Bring Your Own Computer programs and Mac@Work programs.