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Making virtualization, reality

Project Services

Project Services

Virtualization Consulting Services

Transition Easily Into a Virtual Environment with help from Gibraltar Solutions

Virtualization is one of the key trends that impacts infrastructure and operations. It can help organizations reduce their server footprint, leverage under-utilized capacity and more effectively manage IT resources. As a result of a smaller server footprint and increased utilization, virtualization can help reduce energy consumption and floor space requirements.

So, the question is no longer whether virtualization brings value to the enterprise, but where to get started in adoption, which applications and portions of the infrastructure require transformation and how to effectively consolidate and manage virtual servers within a traditional environment. Gibraltar offers services in the areas of virtualization design, development and on-going management to address your organization’s needs across this broad spectrum.

Gibraltar offers consulting services to assess, design, and implement highly available IT solutions that leverage virtualization as well as streamline redundant and under-utilized resources.

Our certified and experience experts will help your organization create an infrastructure that leverages virtualization guaranteed to meet your business objectives. Our professional consultants can help you with the following services:


  • Expert evaluation by certified engineers to evaluate the utilization and capacity of existing infrastructure
  • Recommendations on which servers and applications are candidates for virtualization
  • Cost/benefit analysis guidelines on how to proceed with virtualization adoption


  • Install and configure virtual software to work within existing physical infrastructure (servers, networking and storage gears)
  • Execute physical to virtual conversions in order to reduce time and effort required to migrate Physical infrastructure to a virtualized environment


  • Monitor virtual machines as part of overall infrastructure management
  • Manage infrastructure and virtual servers in your data center or any third party center managed hosting facility or colocation facility
  • Metrics made available via customized reports

IT Resourcing Services

Skilled IT resources when and where you need them

Managing your IT environment across platforms, departments and organizations is a complex task. To remain competitive in an ever changing and fast moving marketplace, you need to focus on core competencies while maintaining a reliable IT environment to support your business.

Sourcing and maintaining the right skills can be particularly challenging. Whether your company is embarking on new markets or re-focusing staff on strategic business initiatives, having the capability to easily access the right skills, when and where required, is absolutely imperative. Gibraltar can help.

Gibraltar IT Resourcing Services is easy to use and allows you to call upon Gibraltar’s access to a vast pool of IT skills when and where you need it. By pre-defining, but not committing to, an annual spend on ad hoc resource support for your IT infrastructure, we let you focus on what you do best – running your business and allowing your staff to be utilized more strategically.

Let Gibraltar’s IT Resourcing Services be your ‘extended IT team’ and ease the pressure to maintain good technical staff in-house. With a myriad of skills across all IT competencies, you can be assured that the right resources will be engaged to meet your requirements and guarantee success for your project.

Data Center Services

From servers and storage to cloud and networking services, Gibraltar offers a wide spectrum of Data Center services and a range of flexible delivery options to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Gain the skills, insights and capabilities you need to achieve new levels of efficiency and agility while truly engineering your business for growth.

A leading Canadian virtualization and cloud computing expert in the architecture, optimization and management of advanced Data Centers, Gibraltar will apply deep technological expertise and industry insights to your specific priorities. Our proven approach of standardization, automation and analytics will lead to a predictable outcome for your business – removing risks and guess works. The process will also deliver a flexible and scalable IT environment optimized to evolve with your changing needs and opportunities. Our Engineers have unparalleled industry experience, gleaned from many client engagements over the years, will ensure your success.

Support Services

Partnering to Accelerate Time to Market, Attract New Customers and Foster Innovation

In a recent industry survey, 68% of growth-focused CIOs are collaborating with external partners to drive revenue growth and accelerate pace of innovation within their organizations. These forward-thinking CIOs are working with external partners to extend the mix of skills, expertise and capabilities of their IT departments.

The current mega technological trends of Social, Mobility, Big Data and Cloud has made it imperative for IT departments to quickly develop the skills required to take advantage of new sales channels, business models and even brand-new industries. But it can be an overwhelming challenge to develop new skills when an IT department is already overburdened with just keeping the lights on. Gibraltar can help.

Working closely with you and your team, Gibraltar Support Service will expand your department’s skillset to implement IT projects that have strategic business outcomes. Our fixed-fee, unlimited-support structure is designed to provide cost certainty when accessing our vast pool of technology specialists. From management of virtual infrastructure to virtualized application and desktop support for End Users, our portfolio of services will give you unprecedented scale and flexibility.