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Making virtualization, reality

SimpliVity: Simplicity and Accessibility in a Single Box

SimpliVity, a small startup firm, has made quite a name for itself in the world of hyperconverged technology. Hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system that integrates servers, networking, and storage in a single box. This eliminates the space, massive hardware, and personnel required to manage traditional in-house data centers.

A Web Scale Architecture for Infrastructure

SimpliVity uses web-scale architecture to take a cloud approach to business. Enterprises buy their own box that handles servers, networking, and storage. When it’s time to scale, the enterprise simply has to add more boxes to the federation, utilizing and paying only for what’s being used—no more, no less.

This gives enterprises much more freedom than is possible with traditional systems. With large, clunky servers or blade systems, scaling is a complicated process that can take months to deploy fully, and the costs are typically in the six-figure range. When scaling up, companies are often forced to purchase more storage then they actually need. SimpliVity’s hyperconverged systems cut through all of the additional steps needed to scale with a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go solution.

What Does This Mean for Business?

Let’s say your enterprise needs to build out infrastructure for 1,000 users. This can easily run half a million dollars in equipment alone and the company will pay that amount whether it’s for the first user or the 1,000th. Once the infrastructure is in place, the enterprise is unlikely to utilize it to full capacity.

With web scale architecture, things look a little different. That enterprise may only require two nodes from SimpliVity—at a much lower cost—for the first group of users. From there, the enterprise can scale up and add more boxes as needed, so that they are only paying for what they use.

Cost Savings – Too Good To Be True?

When technology is converged, it automatically becomes cheaper. There is no need to contract separate vendors for storage, networking, and servers; everything is housed in one box. Add-ons, such as data backup and disaster recovery are also included, eliminating the need for costly third-party solutions.

This simplicity allows for the scaling back of personnel resources, as well. Rather than employing three groups of separate networking, server, and storage engineers to manage traditional server racks, the team can be streamlined significantly, allowing companies to free up IT resources for mission-critical projects and applications. With all of the features that SimpliVity builds into its solutions, the total cost savings falls into the ballpark of 70 percent for most clients.

SimpliVity’s solutions are already being copied by large competitors like Cisco, HP, and Dell, showcasing the demand in the marketplace for this type of infrastructure. The size, manageability, and cost has made this hyperconverged technology accessible to enterprises of all sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to do more with their in-house data centers.

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie has come a long way in the last 30 plus years, from engineering student at the University of New Brunswick to VP Strategic Initiatives & CSO at Gibraltar Solutions. Today, Trent is an important part of the Gibraltar team, as his expertise in security has allowed him to be involved in ethical hacking and building computer security assessments and new security practices. He has also developed solutions for mobile device integration into corporate IT, Bring Your Own Computer programs and Mac@Work programs.