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Making virtualization, reality

The True ROI of VDI

What is VDI? Virtual Desktop Integration allows you to connect to your desktop from any device that you are using. A lot of corporate heads might dismiss VDI as a passing fad, a neat techno-gimmick young companies embrace for novelty more than efficiency.

This is dead wrong. If you crunch your enterprise numbers, virtualization can produce tangible savings and ROI within your first year of implementation. The trick is to consider the big picture.

It’s all about the UX

End user demand has changed the way we interpret ROI. Think about troubleshooting: how much does it cost to maintain company hardware? Not just in actual machinery costs, but in time?

Efficiency extends beyond troubleshooting, also. Employees are finding Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) workplaces more comfortable and effective for work and time management. This creates a more fluid and dynamic workspace, wherein users can work in an engaged manner regardless of device or platform.

Calculating the costs

It’s impossible to determine the exact numbers in broad strokes, because each company’s budgets are different, with varying needs and technical demands.

Virtualization can definitely produce ROI, but you need to change the way you calculate it. Here are some basic ways in which virtualization can tangibly save you money:

  • Embracing a BYOD mentality bypasses hardware repair costs by transferring device management and troubleshooting to the employee
  • Virtualizing your company applications lets you take control of otherwise costly licensing fees for every computer they run on
  • Consolidate the amount of backend servers, and you’ll save maintenance time and stress
  • Avoid capital spending on new hardware purchases every few years
  • By virtualizing applications to run on the latest unified OS, you don’t have to re-code your entire system
  • If you’re licensing from Microsoft, you can enter an enterprise agreement with them to save money
  • Redeployment of IT staff to other projects that will create greater value for the organization

Summing up your savings

Don’t think of ROI in terms of pure input/output. Think of it, instead, as an ever-evolving progress of little corners that could be cut.

Think about every piece of hardware you purchased in the last year, and every software licensing fee for which you shelled out. Then consider the maintenance costs of each of those, and the support staff needed to maintain that. It adds up.

You’ll find that each of the above methods will trim some fat off of each of those operating costs. It won’t happen immediately, but with the combination of a happier end user experience and increased employee efficiency, VDI will help much more than many realize.

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie

Trent Dilkie has come a long way in the last 30 plus years, from engineering student at the University of New Brunswick to VP Strategic Initiatives & CSO at Gibraltar Solutions. Today, Trent is an important part of the Gibraltar team, as his expertise in security has allowed him to be involved in ethical hacking and building computer security assessments and new security practices. He has also developed solutions for mobile device integration into corporate IT, Bring Your Own Computer programs and Mac@Work programs.