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Why a Unified App Store is Key to Application Management

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of apps out there? You have good reason to admit, yes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available to tablet or smartphone users. This is why it’s important to have a good Application Management plan in place –especially if you represent a company whose employees are on a Bring Your Own Device plan.

Application Management is about narrowing down the amount of available apps to a reasonable number, say 100 or so, through what’s called a Unified App Store. It’s also about customizing your app store to contain only applications that have been deemed safe for the client.

This is important because it is possible for an app to contain a malicious code that poses a risk for the client. When a user clicks “agree” the code can potentially read all information on the device, including contacts, phone numbers, banking information and more. Android products are particularly vulnerable to these codes.

 A Unified App Store can limit available apps to only those that are trusted and believed to contain no malicious codes. The intention of Application Management is not to suppress the freedom of users. If an employee is not happy with the selection of their apps available, he or she can simply submit a request to their IT department to have specific apps added to the Unified App Store.

Those from companies operating within a Bring Your Own Device environment may also be relieved to know that it’s possible to isolate apps used for work and apps used for personal reasons. By utilizing this solution, applications will be secured so that data on work applications cannot be read on personal applications. This solution can be installed as part of a Mobile Device Management plan. The end result is a mobile device that essentially acts like two devices – one for work, one for play. The device can be set up so the two sides cannot communicate, thereby protecting the work applications and data from being compromised.

The issue of unwanted malicious codes getting onto your mobile device can also be prevented through the purchase of programs like Citrix Email Works. This program isolates and encrypts email data so any malicious application cannot access it.

Remember that the vast majority of people use their mobile devices primarily for two purposes: email and Internet. Taking the necessary steps to ensure these functions are safe is absolutely crucial. A proper Application Management Plan not only protects your device from the dangers of the World Wide Web, but also makes your Email and BYOD environment safer without limiting the user experience. Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.