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Making virtualization, reality

What is Secure Remote Access and Why is it Important for Your Business?

Uninterrupted access to corporate applications and data is fast becoming a necessity in today’s business world. Many companies have embraced virtualization solutions in order to meet this increasing demand, shifting from centralized networks to expansive virtual environments that can be accessed from any location, using any device.

Computing solutions, like clouds, and desktop and application virtualization, allow members of an organization to access a centralized network using login credentials. Once in, the employee can check up on data, work on a project, connect with colleagues – anything they could normally do from the office.

The secure remote access afforded by virtualization solutions provides a handful of benefits to both employees and the companies they work for.

For employees, secure remote access means:

  • Flexibility – Employees can finish up assignments from home or prepare for meetings by going over data at the airport
  • Stress Relief – If an employee is unable to make it to the office – sick kids, snow storm, illness, etc. – some work can still be completed from home
  • Increased Productivity – Rapidly approaching deadlines are far easier to prepare for when everything needed is at an employee’s fingertips 24 hours-a-day
  • Convenience – Rather than having to lug out the corporate laptop every time an employee wants to access the network, all that is needed is a device with internet connectivity, including smartphones and tablets
  • Freedom – Employees can use a computing device of their own choice to work from any location at any time

For companies, secure remote access means:

  • Better Employee Performance – Thorough access to the corporate network provides employees with a valuable tool to accelerate productivity
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction – The convenience of secure remote access provides a morale boost to network users
  • Business Continuity – If circumstances – natural disasters, terrorist attacks, transit strikes, major festivals/events, extreme weather, etc – make getting to the office impossible, employees are still able to access the company network from home

While the value of secure remote access is exhibited in the considerable benefits it affords both the employees of companies and companies as a whole, expansive virtual environments must be properly secured, or can end up doing more harm than good.

Utilizing Secure Remote Access (SRA) is a mandatory prerequisite for deploying a virtual network.

Gibraltar can help with SRA for any virtual environment by:

  • Encrypting network and application traffic
  • Scanning foreign devices to prevent malware incursions
  • Providing a strong user authentication setting
  • Ensuring every user has internal access based on need; not every user can access all data
  • Enforcing access control and corporate security policies
  • Tracking and reporting user activity

Once secured by Gibraltar’s SRA solution, a virtual environment can freely afford its inherent benefits to a company, and its employees, without risk.