Citrix Universal Subscription

5 Reasons to Switch to Citrix Universal Subscription

Citrix recently unveiled its new subscription model: Citrix Universal Subscription. This new offering provides a flexible licensing model that allows customers to use both IT-managed Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) and Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) services throughout their subscription period.

Citrix Universal Subscription comes with 4 editions with features from both Citrix DaaS cloud editions and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) on-premises editions:

  • Citrix Universal Advanced includes Citrix DaaS Advanced and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced
  • Citrix Universal Advanced Plus includes Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced
  • Citrix Universal Premium includes Citrix DaaS Premium and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium
  • Citrix Universal Premium Plus includes Citrix DaaS Premium Plus and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium

What are 5 Benefits of the Citrix Universal Subscription?

Transitioning to Citrix Universal Subscription offers significant benefits even for customers running traditional on-premises CVAD deployments. By trading up from a CVAD perpetual license to Universal Subscription, users can unlock new capabilities, such as the new Web Studio on-prem, support for cloud-hosted workloads, and access to other cloud services like WEM, the ServiceNow adapter, Workspace service, and the Global App Config service. Citrix Universal Premium Plus customers also gain access to Citrix Analytics services as well. Below we will dive into 5 of the main benefits of Citrix Universal Subscription:

Improve Operational Efficiency

The Citrix Universal subscription improves operational efficiency by allowing admins to work from the management locations of their choice. Businesses can choose to deploy on-prem, public cloud, IT-managed cloud, or hybrid workloads from the on-prem or cloud Citrix management consoles. The customizability of the Citrix universal subscription allows businesses to make decisions that fit their needs with no pressure to rush to the cloud. These capabilities ensure simplified management and secure access to all workloads.

Flexibility and Deployment Options

Citrix Universal Subscription differs from Citrix DaaS with Hybrid Rights in terms of flexibility and deployment options. With Universal Subscription, customers can deploy their Citrix environments in various ways, such as on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or with Citrix DaaS cloud services, providing increased flexibility in deployment strategies. While many enterprise customers will still transition to the DaaS control plane over time, the Universal Subscription allows businesses to leverage both platforms for their unique strengths without having to make a disruptive choice.

Citrix Universal Subscription encompasses Citrix Cloud, CR and LTSR releases. This can be beneficial for organizations with diverse requirements and use cases. By using a combination of platforms, organizations can maintain a stable core infrastructure while deploying innovative features for specific projects or departments. Ultimately, the decision to mix release types should be based on the organization’s unique needs, infrastructure, and compliance obligations, and Universal gives businesses flexibility as needed.

Access to Citrix Web Studio

Citrix Universal Subscriptions will also unlock new capabilities for Citrix customers, including access to the new Citrix Web Studio for on-prem. Citrix Web Studio offers a web-based management experience with the same interface as the Studio console within Citrix DaaS. This is incredibly exciting for organizations leveraging hybrid deployments because it closes the feature gap between on-premises and cloud deployments. Whether you are delivering resources from on-prem, hybrid, or cloud deployments, you now have a unified management experience. Additionally, this release provides developers with a set of REST APIs they can leverage to automate the management of resources within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments.

Access to Citrix Analytics

Citrix Analytics is included with the Universal Premium Plus subscription or is available as an add-on to other Citrix Universal Packages. This package provides admins with advanced security and performance analytics, enabling organizations to secure their IT environment and maintain optimal user experience. With actionable insights from real-time and historical data, organizations can make informed decisions and optimize resources. Seamless integration with other Citrix solutions helps organizations optimize their IT environment and drive better business outcomes.

Trade Up or Transition Options

Citrix’s Universal subscription offering has a minimum initial order quantity of 250 licenses, which applies to new subscriptions. However, existing DaaS and DaaS + Hybrid Rights subscriptions can continue to expand, renew, or transition to Universal at any quantity. Customers who have existing DaaS offerings can still access available add-ons, which are also available for Universal Subscription SKUs. Additionally, Citrix offers a Transition and Trade-up program (TTU) to help customers with traditional perpetual licesnses make the move to Universal.

The main difference between Transition and Trade-up is that Transition allows customers to move their current on-prem licenses to the cloud or Universal version of the same product or edition, while Trade-up allows customers to exchange their current on-premises licenses or cloud subscription to a new product or higher-level product edition at a discounted price. 

Wrapping Up

Citrix’s introduction of the Universal Subscription will inevitably change the way Citrix manages their application delivery solutions. This new model aims to simplify licensing procedures while redefining the management and deployment of Citrix environments. With four distinct editions available, including the comprehensive Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-cloud, customers are presented with a range of options to suit their individual requirements. From potential enhancements in operational efficiency to the inclusion of advanced features such as Citrix Web Studio and Citrix Analytics, the potential advantages are diverse.

Additionally, the transition pathways provided by Citrix offer existing customers a seamless migration process, reflecting the company’s commitment to accommodating customer needs. As organizations navigate the complexities of modern IT landscapes, Citrix Universal Subscription emerges as a versatile solution, enabling businesses to adapt effectively in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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