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Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment and transform productivity and efficiency with our Copilot readiness assessment and optimization services.

Are You Ready for Take Off?

The advent of AI heralds a transformative era, poised to reshape industries, fuel economic expansion, and confront global challenges. With Microsoft Copilot placing AI within easy reach, the possibilities for innovation and advancement are boundless. However, unlocking its full potential requires careful planning.

Here’s where many organizations stumble:

Readiness Uncertainty: Unclear if your infrastructure, licensing, and workflows are optimized for Copilot integration.

Hidden Bottlenecks: Unaware of data silos or security gaps that could hinder seamless Copilot adoption.

Unidentified Use Cases: Missing a clear picture of how Copilot can best address your specific business needs.

Limited User Adoption: Concerned about user resistance to change or lack of training resources.

Don't Wing It: Pre-Flight Check Your Copilot Readiness + Optimization with Gibraltar

Foundation Assessment

We’ll evaluate your Microsoft 365 environment, licensing, and digital transformation readiness to chart a clear course for a successful utilization.

Data Analysis

We’ll analyze your content repositories (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams) to understand data volume, location, and interconnections.

Security & Compliance

We’ll identify and address potential security risks and establish best practices for managing access and permissions to ensure a strong security posture.

Business Value & ROI

We’ll pinpoint the use cases with the most significant impact on your organization and translate those efficiencies into a tangible ROI.

Optimization Strategy

We’ll help modernize and standardize workflows across teams and utilize user feedback and Copilot's suggestions for further optimization.

User Enablement

We’ll create a comprehensive plan to drive user adoption and identify areas for improvement or additional training to maximize productivity.


of Copilot users said they are more productive.


less cognitive fatigue experienced by Copilot users.


improvement in speed observed among users in a series of tasks.


of users it improved the quality of their work.

Experience & Expertise

Our team comprises industry-certified experts with extensive experience in digital transformation and modernization.

Customized Approach

Understanding that each organization has unique needs, we offer assessments specifically tailored to your business requirements.

On-Going Support

We offer continued support to help implement recommended improvements and continuously maximize your Microsoft investment.

Modern Workplace Managed Services

Certified Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, we have demonstrated our ability to help our customers successfully adopt contemporary practices and technologies to facilitate flexible work arrangements, prioritize employee well-being, and promote collaboration and innovation within the workplace.

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