Unmask Hidden Threats Instantly

Uncover intrusions, evict attackers and recover business operations quickly with Gibraltar’s expert DFIR services.

Incidents are Complex. We Deliver Clarity.

Cyber threats are more sophisticated and damaging than ever. Data breaches, network intrusions, and malware attacks can cripple your organization, leading to catastrophic financial and reputational damage.

A swift, efficient response to a cyberattack can save you valuable time and money. Gibraltar’s DFIR services can help you quickly pinpoint the source, cause, and extent of any security breach. Our expertise not only addresses current threats but also strengthens your defenses against future incidents.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Key Services

Network Forensics

We dive deep into your network traffic to spot security breaches and unauthorized activities before they become a problem.

Memory Forensics

Our team analyzes your system’s memory to recover lost data and detect any malicious activity lurking in the shadows.

Malware Analysis

We take apart malware to understand its purpose and efficiently remove it from your systems.

Cybercrime Investigations

Got a cybercrime issue? We investigate hacking, data breaches, and identity theft to get to the bottom of it.

Incident Response

When an incident strikes, we quickly identify, contain, and mitigate the damage to keep your operations running smoothly.

Forensic Data Recovery

Lost or damaged data? No worries, we retrieve data from damaged or corrupted storage devices to get you back on track.

Digital Evidence Analysis

We examine digital evidence such as emails and chat logs to support your investigations and legal needs.

Threat Intelligence

We gather, analyze, and share insights on cyber threats, and develop strategies to help you stay one step ahead.

Minimize Downtime

Swiftly detect and address incidents to reduce operational disruptions and financial losses.

Gain Deep Insights

Better understand attack vectors, root causes, and breach scope, improving future defenses.

Ensure Compliance

Collect and preserve digital evidence to support legal actions and meet regulatory requirements.

Strengthen Security

Use incident insights to enhance defenses, update policies, and implement effective security measures to prevent future attacks.

Why Partner with Gibraltar

Experience and Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with the skills and tools to handle even the most complex cyber incidents.

Faster Response Time

Our experts are on standby 24/7, ready to respond immediately to any incident, reducing response times and minimizing damage.

SOC II Type II Certified

We meet the highest standards of security and compliance, protecting your digital estate according to industry-leading protocols.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are dynamic and flexible, adapting to your organization's unique needs and workflows.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Managed Security Services You Can Trust

With our SOC 2, Type II Certification, we have gone the extra mile to demonstrate that we can meet the industry’s security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy standards. We are committed to achieving the highest compliance and security standards to protect our client’s sensitive data and ensure business continuity. 

Secure Your Business + Your Bottom Line

Don't wait for a cyber disaster. Strengthen your defenses with our expert DFIR services. Secure your business today and ensure a safer tomorrow!