Prepare & Protect Your Digital Estate

Managed security services that provide a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your organization.

Operate with Confidence.

The security landscape is complicated. More numerous and advanced threats, more nebulous and complex compliance requirements, more difficult and intricate infrastructure to secure.

For even the most adept IT, cybersecurity can be too difficult to manage without help. Our approach to assessing, implementing and managing your security architecture will ensure your organization is secure by design.

Save Money

With our wealth of expertise and extensive set of tools and technology we'll not only keep your organization safe and secure, we'll also help reduce the costs associated with security breaches, staffing and technology. ,

Manage Risk

We’ll help you implement the required security controls and maintain visibility into sensitive and protected areas within the network to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance is always met.

Maintain Control

From threat deterrence measures and response strategies to ongoing security upkeep, we provide a holistic strategy to safeguard your organization against all possible threats now and in the future.


Security is a journey not a destination.

Are you on the right path?

Our assessments go far beyond just a technical focus. We look at your people, processes and organizational goals to create a comprehensive understanding of current and future-state security risk posture.


Understand the Security Landscape

We’ll help you better understand and make sense of the security landscape and work with you on crafting a vision that defines an ideal future-state for your security posture weighed against your business goals and objectives.


Identify Your Gaps

We’ll identify vulnerabilities, gaps and loopholes in your current security architecture and help you understand the measures you need to take to keep your business-critical assets protected.

Strategy & Planning

Build Your Roadmap

We’ll provide a prioritized roadmap with actionable next steps that reflect and complement the strategic plan and business objectives of the organization. We’ll create a long-term strategic plan that helps you achieve your ideal future state, while also remaining agile to meet evolving threats and take advantage of emerging technologies.


Get on the Path to Zero Trust.

Combining the strengths of Microsoft and Fortinet technologies, we’ll implement a zero trust security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.


Verify and secure each identity with strong authentication across your entire digital estate.


Gain visibility into devices accessing the network. Ensure compliance and health status before granting access.


Discover shadow IT, ensure appropriate in-app permissions, gate access based on real-time analytics, and monitor and control user actions.


Move to data-driven protection. Use intelligence to classify and label data. Encrypt and restrict access based on organizational policies.


Use telemetry to detect attacks and anomalies, automatically block and flag risky behavior, and employ least privilege access principles.


Encrypt all internal communications, limit access by policy, and employ micro segmentation and real-time threat detection.


Keep Your Business Safe without Lifting a Finger.

Without a cybersecurity solution, businesses are often left coordinating and managing multiple, individual systems and therefore, reactively responding to security issues. Our managed security services proactively manage your cyber and network security, so you can focus on running your business. 

More than 70 percent of IT breaches originate at an endpoint.  Our managed endpoint services will help you:

  • Design, configure and deploy endpoint antivirus protection
  • align policies with regulatory compliance to protect sensitive data,
  • Install the latest endpoint encryption technologies
  • Use security analysts and centralized consoles to monitor, maintain and update operations

Malware, viruses, and malicious users can take down a network fast. With state-of-the-art network security infrastructure and network monitoring, you can prevent threats from entering your network in the first place – reducing downtime and enabling greater productivity from your team.

With 24×7 network monitoring and multiple layers of security, we will help you prevent, detect and rapidly respond to evolving threats across your endpoints, network, cloud and more. There are several ways we can help ensure minimum risk:

  • Next-Gen Firewalls
  • Email Security
  • Anti-virus Software
  • Network Segmentation
  • Access Control
  • Application Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Web Access Protection

We’ll monitor and act on vulnerabilities across all your digital platforms, including internet, applications, systems, cloud and hardware. We’ll identify weak points and determine the right course of action for prioritizing and remediating any threats.

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Technology alone doesn’t provide your organization with foolproof protection from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Security Awareness Training helps educate and empower your team to avoid and detect common cyber threats consistently. Our Managed Security Awareness Training integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization.

We’ll proactively protect and monitor the security of your intellectual property and customer data. We’ll enable you to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on your Microsoft 365 security investments.

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Our Microsoft Security Managed Services will help you secure your endpoints and data while providing automated identification and hunting of security incidents.

Azure Sentinel: Daily monitoring and escalation of incidents, as well as weekly monitoring of overall service health including data collection and ingestion.

Defender for Endpoint: Daily monitoring of threat patterns and preventative activities as well as active monitoring and notification of automated threat investigations.

Microsoft Cloud App: Daily monitoring of alerts and responding as needed as well as weekly monitoring of service health and data ingestion, indicators of Shadow IT, and potential data leakage and risky user behaviours.

Get all the benefits of a SIEM solution without the challenges of securing capital investment. We’ll provide the security capabilities you need to ensure all your workloads are fully protected, compliant, and secure regardless of platform or location.  

Managed Security Services You Can Trust

With our SOC 2, Type II Certification, we have gone the extra mile to demonstrate that we can meet the industry’s security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy standards. We are committed to achieving the highest compliance and security standards to protect our client’s sensitive data and ensure business continuity. 

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