Small Business Switches MSP Case Study

Enhance Cybersecurity & Meet Compliance by Switching Managed Service Providers

This client switched to Gibraltar Solutions' Managed Services in order to enhance their cybersecurity and meet compliance requirements.


A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), nonprofits and government agencies hire MSPs to handle the day-to-day management of IT services. These services may include network and infrastructure management, security and monitoring.

MSPs often handle management services on a daily basis so customer organizations can focus on improving their services without worrying about extended system downtimes or service interruptions. It is the duty of an MSP to provide their clients with a secure, compliant, and reliable IT environment, so that they can worry about more important aspects of their businesses.

In 2023, Gibraltar solutions worked together with a small business  who wanted to switch managed service providers. This client is a small executive search firm with fewer than ten employees. As a small business, they did not have the budget or hiring capacity to hire and maintain an internal IT team. As such, they had always relied on managed services partners to take care of all their IT needs.

Meet Compliance & Maintain Trust

To meet data compliance laws and maintain the trust of their clientele, the organization places a high amount of value on data security and data privacy. However, maintaining this level of data security is rather difficult for a small firm without a dedicated team of IT professionals. That is why, like many other small firms, they outsource their IT management to a managed IT services provider.

Outsourcing IT to a managed services provider (MSP) is an effective way for an organization to save money by avoiding the cost of hiring and training full-time staff of IT professionals. In the case of Gibraltar’s client, it allowed them to gain access to IT professionals and expertise that they did not have in-house. An MSP can provide proactive monitoring and maintenance for any IT issues they would run into, resolve IT issues before they impact the business, and prevent costly downtime. Furthermore, IT managed service providers can provide much more robust security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, endpoint detection and response systems and implement robust security policies and practices that would otherwise be costly and difficult to implement without trained cybersecurity professionals in-house.

The Reason for Switching MSPs

Unfortunately for the client, the previous managed services provider that they were using was not meeting their expectations. While their previous MSP did a great job migrating their data to the cloud, they found that their support was not sophisticated, and they were not adequately educated in the technologies they provided. In some cases, their MSP had to open tickets directly to the technology provider (like Microsoft) to answer questions about the technologies the MSP was managing. But, before switching their managed service providers, the organization had some concerns. They wanted a managed service provider that was well-versed in the technologies they were using, could provide insight and education around cybersecurity best practices, and would treat them as a priority even though they are a small business.

Gibraltar’s client did their research and found that Gibraltar was the right fit to meet these criteria. As a SOC2, Type 2 MSP, Gibraltar Solutions is well-versed in cybersecurity and can provide expertise and thought leadership to its clients. With a deep bench of technical experts, Gibraltar Solutions is constantly updating its technological capabilities to enable clients. Regardless of the company’s size, Gibraltar can adapt and provide services scaled to their needs.

When Gibraltar Solutions took over the client’s IT environment, the team found that the previous managed services provider had not kept the health state of the client’s IT environment as secure as the client had expected. For example, they did not have a solid password management policy implemented, and they did not have data access controls in place. For a company that operates primarily through online services, whose data is their top priority, they knew that a much more sophisticated approach to security was necessary.

Improving Security & Proactively Monitoring the Environment

After assessing their current environment, Gibraltar Solutions implemented an endpoint management solution that included not only their desktops but also their tablets and phones, which were not previously managed in Microsoft 365. As a result, their laptops, tablets, and phones have access to data and SaaS applications for the employees of the company to work remotely and securely. Gibraltar Solutions also aided the client to improve their security posture by adding access controls to their data. Now, their employees will have limited access to data based on multi-factor authentication, geolocation, the health state of the device, and other controls to prevent data-sharing and exfiltration.

Gibraltar Solutions also checked the health state and compliance of the client’s devices, and onboarded all new devices, including company laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Gibraltar Solutions helped them with setting up an XDR (extended endpoint detection and response) solution to protect endpoints with DNS controls and email security and enforce multi-factor authentication. This gives them greater visibility, not only into their laptop endpoints, but also their tablets and smartphones, which are being managed to prevent employees from installing harmful applications, to control data that goes in and out of the company, and to only give access to necessary things.

On top of aiding in the management of the client’s IT environment, Gibraltar Solutions will continuously monitor and proactively enhance its security in the future. Gibraltar Solutions provides regular updates with metrics and reports to help them understand the health of their environment and assist them with any projects they want to work on, going forward. When asked whether the client would recommend Gibraltar Solutions to similar small businesses, the Manager of Business Operations, said, “I would absolutely recommend Gibraltar to other small businesses. It has been an extremely easy transition for us. We have an age range from mid-to-late 30s to 76 years old in our company. Everyone has been able to transition without significant issues, which is a testament to Gibraltar.”

The Result: Peace of Mind

This company’s decision to switch to Gibraltar Solutions has allowed them to focus on their core business while ensuring that their IT environment is secure and up to date. They have gained access to a team of experts who can provide a higher standard of services and security that they could not achieve in-house or with their previous MSP. Now, they have much better visibility into their environment, and has a robust security strategy to protect their valuable data. Going forward, they will have greater peace of mind that their data is being protected and that their information and questions are being answered accurately. This company demonstrated that even small businesses without an IT team can go above and beyond meeting basic compliance to provide their clientele with the reassurance that their data is protected.