We Stand Guard 24/7, So You Can Rest Easy

Attackers never sleep, and neither do we. We provide round-the-clock security monitoring and expert threat response to ensure your organization stays protected and compliant.

Outsource Your SOC: Scale Security, Ditch the Hassle

Building an in-house SOC is not only expensive and resource-intensive but also leads to alert fatigue and burnout among security engineers. Outsourcing SOC services offers a more practical and scalable solution, ensuring comprehensive 24/7 security monitoring and compliance without the strain on your internal team.

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How We Help

Preventative Maintenance

We set controls like updates, patching, allowlists, and firewalls to prevent issues and prepare for threats.

Proactive Monitoring

We use tools like EDR and SIEM for 24/7 monitoring, automatically detecting anomalies and suspicious activities.

Alert Ranking

We investigate alerts, discard false positives, assess threat levels, and prioritize urgent incidents.

Threat Response

We are the first responder, deleting files, isolating endpoints, and terminating processes to minimize impact.

Recovery and Remediation

We restore critical systems and data, fix damages, and prevent future incidents to maintain business continuity.

Log Management

We collect, maintain, and review network activity logs to detect threats and support incident investigations.

Root Cause Investigation

We investigate the root cause of incidents using log data to understand and prevent future issues.

Compliance Management

We ensure compliance with security requirements and regulations for your industry.

What We Monitor & Triage

SOCaaS monitors all network traffic, systems, and applications to detect suspicious activity. It collects event logs and user activity from all your environments, including cloud and network infrastructure, devices, and applications.

Enhance Security Posture

Enhance your organization’s defenses with continuous monitoring and advanced threat detection, ensuring early identification and mitigation of cyber threats.

Guarantee Compliance

Ensure your organization meets all regulatory and security standards, including ISO 27001, GDPR, and NIST CSF, with expert guidance and robust compliance management.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Save on the high costs of building and maintaining an in-house SOC by leveraging scalable, cost-effective SOC as a Service solutions.

Gain Access to Expertise

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned security professionals, ensuring expert handling of cyber threats and informed responses to incidents.

Why Partner with Gibraltar

Unmatched Cybersecurity Expertise

We have extensive experience in handling diverse cyber threats, ensuring your organization receives top-notch protection.

SOC II Type II Certified

We meet the highest standards of security and compliance, protecting your digital estate according to industry-leading protocols.

Industry Leading SLAs

We provide responsive SLAs that evolve with the service to ensure successful delivery and continual improvement.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are dynamic and flexible, adapting to your organization's unique needs and workflows.

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Managed Security Services You Can Trust

With our SOC 2, Type II Certification, we have gone the extra mile to demonstrate that we can meet the industry’s security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy standards. We are committed to achieving the highest compliance and security standards to protect our client’s sensitive data and ensure business continuity. 

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